Motocross Reutlingen

Motocross Reutlingen 1.6.2014

There was a Motocross event right next to the university last Weekend. I wasn’t even planning on going there and only realized it was going on from the mass of cars parked on the field next to the campus. I had nothing else to do so I decided to join.

Tons of photos from the event here:
Also check the video!


Stuttgart Frühlingsfest

Stuttgart Frühlingsfest
Before getting back to the routine of studying I spent the last day of the Easter holiday experiencing the Frühlingsfest in Stuttgart. The Frühlingsfest is an event in Stuttgart which lasts for three weeks from late April to early May and the name directly translates to “spring festival”. I imagine it is similar to the famous Oktoberfest but a little smaller, I’ve never been to the Oktoberfest so I can’t be sure how similar those actually are but at least people were dressed in the same lederhosen and dirndl (not a typo, I can’t believe this is a word either, look it up) and beer was served in one liter jugs.

Visiting Prague

Prague night

The Easter holiday week is nearing its end but I am not feeling a drip of melancholy since I have already spent a terrific holiday! During my holiday I went to Prague with one Russian and one Bulgarian schoolmate and a Russian student who I met for the first time the morning we left but who turned out to be a great guy! We traveled to Prague with a rental car which was appropriately supposed to be a Skoda but turned out to be a VW with slightly better passenger room.
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Starting the easter brake with BAD TASTE

With my few lectures for the week leading to easter break cancelled I got a head start to the easter holiday and went to party hard in an event called “BAD TASTE”. The idea was to dress up in tacky sports clothing and dance all night with discounted drinks. Although I didn’t have anything bright to wear I did my best to blend in the crowd by putting on a pair of shorts and a sweater.

To get discounted drinks for the night I had to go to the bar early to get bracelets for me and my friend who was going to join me later. I met two other exchange students from Finland and spent some time with them chatting in Finnish while waiting for my friend to show up. Speaking Finnish is actually starting to feel a little unnatural since I am hardly using it at all anymore. But anyway back to the topic! When my friend showed up he was determined to party hard that night and we ended up drinking a rather significant quantity of alcohol! We weren’t the only ones of course, the place was full of people dancing in appropriately distasteful clothing. We attempted to leave a little before closing hour but ran into some girls at the door and were directed back in and ended up staying another hour.



I’m glad we made it home safe, the headache the morning after was pretty bad but it was worth it!

Hannover Messe 2014

I was able to visit Hannover Messe by joining a trip hosted by the International office of my University. The whole trip took 24 hours; we left at three in the morning, drove for eight hours, spent another eight hours in the Messe and got back to Reutlingen sometime after three in the morning! The trip was quite exhausting but the Messe was worth the long travel! A lot of companies from different fields were represented and one day would not have been enough to see everything there and I concentrated on what I found to be most interesting; mostly robots and cars. Enjoy the photos!


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Jazz in der Mitte

This one is a short post about a jazz event in Reutlingen that I ended up going to. I had not made any plans about the night but I was lucky enough to bump into one of my classmates in town and was invited along him to join some other students who were going to the event. The place was a small underground bar and fortunately it wasn’t too full and we were able to find a seat near the stage. Se the night was spent relaxing while listening to jazz and trying different beers.

Jazz in der Mitte

Jazz in der Mitte